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Customer Reviews

Luv this Bowl! My husband and I will often eat dinner while snuggling up in front of the t.v.  We've enjoyed everything from hot cocoa to chill in these bowls.  They are comfortable in your hands and can hold a lot more than you think! - P., Orlando, FL

Love it! This is a great cup/bowl. I received one at a gift exchange and had to buy another for my husband, who kept using mine.  The design fits perfectly into our contemporary decor, but would be at home anywhere.  Its uses are endless...a bowl for soup, big cup of hot chocolate, yogurt and granola, ice cream name it.  There is just something about it that makes me happy when I use it. - Joy, Landcaster, PA

Buddha Bowl is very zen. I eat a lot of soup during the Winter and this bowl allows you to hold it in a way that it doesn't slip or feel awkward like other bowls do.  We also use the bowl for ice cream or cereal.  I've even used it for morning tea or coffee. I gave everyone in my family a Buddha Bowl for Christmas. They loved it! - Zen Buddha, Los Gatos, CA

I love these bowls! I was very pleased when the bowls arrived.  The color is great, the shape is fun and it's unique. I'm very happy! - Teri, Alexandria, VA

So handy. My favourite thing is the handle! For someone who never sits at a table to eat, it's so perfect. - Jenny, San Francisco, CA

We were bowled over. This bowl is comfortable in the hand and I have arthritis so I love it.  Good for soup, cereal, ice cream.  You name it.  - Jake, Kansas City, MO

Elegant, Simple design at its best. This bowl is a lovely way to snuggle up with a hot bowl of oatmeal or hot chocolate on a chilly day.  Great design! A beautiful object that functions well!"  - Always Looking for unique gifts, Brooklyn, NY

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